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Develop superior cutting tools and processes in no time.

With Toolyzer, you can analyze any tool geometry and cutting processes and evaluate them virtually in advance. Toolyzer allows you to quickly predict the process forces and performance of your tool and identify critical engagement conditions for each individual tool cutting edge. You’ll achieve improved productivity, shorter development times, and ultimately cost savings that will set you apart from your competitors.
There are no limits to the kinematics of your process: whether complicated 5-axis simultaneous milling processes, multi-axis turning processes or even special processes such as gear hobbing – anything is possible. Toolyzer runs on commercially available hardware. Due to the simple operability, the training period is short.

Enhanced productivitiy

Have you always wondered if there is untapped potential to increase productivity?

With Toolyzer you can analyze any cutting tools and processes in a short time and find the actual optimum of their tool geometry and process parameters. In contrast to conventional simulation programs based on the finite element method with lengthy calculations, Toolyzer requires only a fraction of the calculation time. There are no limits to the number of variants.

Shorter development times

Would you like to shorten the time-consuming prototype construction and subsequent application tests in the development of special tools and processes?

Toolyzer helps you reduce the number of necessary prototype tests. By virtually evaluating your tool and process, you can significantly shorten development times and bring your product to market faster.

Cost savings

The result: improved cost efficiency

The reduced development times due to less prototype testing and the productivity increases lead to direct cost savings. You increase your innovative power and extend your technological lead with the understanding gained through Toolyzer.

Application examples

Special tools

Optimization of the torque required through targeted arrangement of the indexable inserts.

Serrated end mills

Design of the serration for improved productivity and more homogeneous tool wear.

Skiving tools

Analysis of effective rake and clearance angles and engagement conditions in gear skiving to increase productivity.


Process kinematics

Turning, milling, drilling or special processes, Toolyzer is flexibel

Real tool geometry

Modeling of the individual tool cutting edges for highest precision

Tool engagement

Calculation of chip thickness and width per tool cutting edge

Process forces

Prediction of process forces and power

Part quality

Analysis of the resulting surface, shape deviations

Flank face contact

Determination of flank face contacts for targeted optimization